Think Twice - Rock To This Beat (2008)

2008 was just full of great releases wasn't it? anyway, as i'm sure some of you might have seen this around elsewhere, it just needs to be posted because of one simple thing; this album is fucking amazing. think twice is one of the best hip-hop producers i have ever had the pleasures of listening to. his tracks have flawless delivery and leave enough space for the always featuring mcs to breathe and not to drown out the beats. such ample production makes for some hazy yet smooth and surreal tracks, bringing back elements that had not been seen for a while at the time. and fuck, there is even guitar work(though it is partly sampled) super super duper recommended.

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  1. frank says:

    love all the weird hip hop on here

  2. Murphey says:

    no offense, but is anyone else on this blog even trying?

  3. DARN1T says:

    This might have been an ok release if not for the R&B vocals & toy raps.

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  5. can someone repost the download link please?!

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