Octave Mouret - Oh, Mouret (2010)

Another submission by a reader! I love the notion that this community can become something of a node, a hive-mind, where we share influences and our own output with others.

these tracks have a rather low signal-to-noise ratio. In my book, that's often a good thing. There's something about teasing out the glint of a shimmering tone coming at you through a sandstorm, or listening breath-held for the pulse of a liminal beat, like imagining your own heartbeat while caught in a riptide. Such listening experiences are often much easier for me- many things are there for the careful listener, but no one element reaches out and slaps your face, as is the experience when listening to a lot of modern music.


P.S. I didn't post for a while. my b.

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  1. edit says:

    wait, we can submit stuff? sweet! i have A LOT! how do we do this?

  2. Simon says:


    Mediafire link

  3. Club says:

    Nice sounds! I wish I had heard this earlier so I could have spent more time in winter with it.

    I'd like to also take a moment to submit the following to you guys. A month or so ago I released an album a day for a week. All as free downloads here: http://ronerbergmedia.com/sound/artists/dd/releases/
    Please check them out. As a longtime reader and fan, I'd be honored to get an entry on yr blog.

  4. A friend just introduced me to Oh, Mouret. Love it. Stealthy, deep, under the radar.

    If you haven't heard ünsai's album, please do so. It's my favorite album.

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