Kirameki - Exercises In Style (2008)

i don't really know anything about kirameki, but i know i like this album. it was released in 08 on 'rack and ruin records', i guess that's like an internet label or something i think you can download anything you want from their site for free, i'll link you there in a minute don't stress. this album is like noisy shit and stuff, there are a lot of reviews on the link if you wanna find out more.

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  1. $tuff says:

    Hi. I like your blog quite a lot and would like to make a submission, if you're at all into that kind of thing. I'm having trouble finding any other way of contacting you.

  2. Dean says:

    Thanks for promoting the Kirameki release, this was a collaboration between Gnomefoam and _ who have both released EPs/albums on Rack & Ruin..... and yes, it's all free! Best - Dean

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