Imagine the opening credits to an 80's horror movie, because that's exactly where this music belongs.

Just look at that cover...


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  1. this is flipping awesome.
    thanks for the post, and all the posts really.
    also, the written description on this site in general really help figure out what sounds like what and why its worth listening to.

    good taste.

  2. ill! says:

    this is so good i'm going to comment twice. i've been listening to it all damn day

  3. ribs says:

    Glad you guys are diggin it-I posted their earlier EP a while back and it's equally exceptional:

  4. Rob says:

    These are some dank ass beats.

  5. Gatel says:

    these beats are going hard like kitchen sinks and countertops..

  6. this sht crazy good! Im way into dario argento films and this hit home. thanx

  7. Kathal says:

    this is dead... any chance of a reup?

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