Group Doueh - Guitar Music From The Western Sahara (2007)

as the title suggests, this is guitar music from the western sahara. this, however, is not your typical "foreign man than can play guitar really kool" album, in fact this blows any of those cheap, u.s. curious money fishbait albums that have been released before it. now with a second lp floating around, they have established themselves as a strong musical force if not flavored by the sahara. oh, and comment?

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  1. u get my comment here, even tho i dont know what im downloading. but after the several months im following you you surprised me several times. in a positive way!;)
    also ty for the we insist! upload. we've been label mates and they are really cool guys. buy their record!

  2. ej says:

    this blog keeps upping its haughty atmosphere with pretentious reviews.

  3. koven66 says:

    thanks, this is sick!

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