Black Swan - In 8 Movements (2010)

Black Swan's debut.

This record sounds best when played in its entirety, seriously. It's just a little over 30 minutes long and it is damn good. Drone and modern classical fucks with tape hiss and analogue recording technology. Imagine something from LVNG RCRDS x Philip Glass. Or Brainfeeder x Triangle Records.

Vinyl officially drops December 14 so cop it for $15 or download it so you can have a bomb-ass listening party... or you can pretend you're in some fucked up Aronofsky/Lynch film, I don't care. For fans of William Basinski.

Makes it on my Best of 2010 list.

Disclaimer: This is not the OST for the film of the same name, someone else can post that if people really want it... This is Black Swan's debut.

EDIT: A few have expressed interest in purchasing the vinyl of this release. I hear the vinyl has 2 extra tracks, not featured on the digital release so (!!!!!!!). Purchase either directly from the artist or straight from the label. Your choice really.


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  1. ill! says:

    this is rad, it's got a great vitality to it. gonna have to buy the vinyl

  2. This sounds like it's going to be awesome. Bassinski is the man, so if descriptions are correct.. WHOOSH!


  3. this is so f'ing good. thanks for the up and the introduction. listened once, and already in my list of top albums of 2010

  4. Really excited about this! Thanks.

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  6. Thanks for sharing this. Your support is appreciated. Please consider supporting the label and artist by purchasing a copy so we can continue presenting unique work on the formats they deserve to be on.

    Thanks again.

  7. Bought my copy the day before yesterday!

    Damn those limited editions. I always fall for that trick :-)

  8. puxel says:

    For a moment, i thought this was the sound track to the movie, which is just as badass as this.

  9. edlorado says:

    thanks man great album!

  10. dork says:

    This thing seems to have been purged from the internet. Any chance of a re-up? Great blog btw, you do a mighty fine job!

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