Fancy Mike - Madison Square Gardner (2010)

Here’s a release to be grabbing people… Madison Square Gardner is the first release on new Canadian experimental/electronic beat label King Deluxe, and it’s by a chap with a slightly effeminate name: Fancy Mike. Sub-Heavy Glitch Hop and synth-led post dubstep are the order of the day here… There are 8 tracks and one that stands out is Lazer Opera – a crunching glitch riddim that is straddled by an almost Depeche Mode-esque synth line with enough sub-bass to shake the filters out of your cigarettes. Other tracks bring in choppy, atmospheric soul samples and reflective electronic atmospherics. There are a ton of different influences on this EP, but the central groove remains intact. Strong stuff.

Apparently, he is also buddies with Lorn [Brainfeeder] who had this to say about the music:
"Keep making music. I don't know why you wouldn't. Again, the shit is rad."


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  2. A little to airy and light, but still some sweet glitchy beats. nice up.




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