Ulysses Siren - Above the Ashes (2003)

Reasons I'm sharing this album tonight:

1) It's fucking awesome thrash from a band that was apparently huge in the 1980's SF scene, but only released a pair of demos before disappearing off the face of the earth. Then in 2003, they made a remastered compilation of all their previous material and released it as "Above the Ashes."

1a) The mix is goddamn amazing (although I'm not an audiophile, so take that as you will). The guitar riffs are nice and crunchy (just the way Mom used to make 'em), and yet the crystal clear bass can be heard throbbing beneath them like beating heart. It's refreshing to hear a metal album that pulls this off with as little "tweedly weedle doo" as possible (tech death bands, I'm looking at you).

2) The first track is coincidentally called "Terrorist Attack."


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  1. Maro says:

    Too bad, now you have brought me into the thrash revival phase.
    You should boost some other old school nuggets such as "Man of straw" by Viking.

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