Idris Muhammad - Power of Soul (1974)

if you listen to hip-hop at all, you'll probably recognize a lot of this album - it's been sampled all over the place, from the Beastie Boys (track 4 - Paul's Boutique) to the Grouch (track 2 - Fuck the Dumb). ostensibly, this is a "soul jazz" record, but really any of the tracks are funked out enough to not feel out of place on an R&B/Motown/Philly Soul/Stax playlist you'd bump at a backyard bbq. the grooves are all well below sea level and the playing is never wanky or showy or free-jazz noodly. nothing on this disc but smoothed-out, head-nodding, booty-shaking, baby-making nuggets.

to the Upper East Side nubiles

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  1. Anonymous says:

    read it as "baby shaking".

  2. chaitd says:

    this album is sweet

  3. Daniel says:

    Looking forward to hearing this/ha,ha I'm listening to the Boyd Rice I just downloaded from ya'. A Contradiction of's a funny world we live in.

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