Juj - Slack (2010)

Part of the Shlohmo/eLan/zer0.h/jonwayne WEDIDIT crew. Juj makes some classy sample-driven beat music. His peers may be more interested in the bass-heavy construction side of the beat world and the layering of several claps over some buttery synths to make your mind/brain melt but Juj goes straight for the leg-moving music! Music so funky your little sister will want to learn the cripwalk (check #9 Space Gold for this reference). If you were keeping a checklist of things, this release has: vocal stabs, funky bass lines, dirty samples and amazing tempo-awareness. Check it and buy it if you can, it's essential stuff.

(Comes with shirt, hand-numbered CD of Juj B-sides, sticker and pin. Limited run of 50 only!)

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