Zachary German - Shitty Youth Radio (2010-????)

this is zachary german and miles ross, i think.

zachary german is an author who has a (mostly) weekly radio show. on the weekly radio show he talks about things and plays music. i really like how he talks about things and the music he plays. also sometimes miles ross is on it. it streams live on ustream on sunday nights, mostly. i'm gonna link straight to his website because you can download every episode from there if you would like to do that. this post is not a 'shout-out' or a 'promotion' of zachary german's other endeavours, only his radio show which is good. also on the radio show he 'shouts-out' wflm on a semi-regular basis, a lot of music he plays he gets from here it seems. i recommend this radio show a lot.

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  1. Joff says:

    Tags: Indie As Fuck

    d/ling so fast.

  2. puxel says:

    those are two hip motherfuckers.

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