Flying Lotus – Pattern+Grid World (2010)


Very different from Cosmogramma. Easier to follow. More to-the-point. A sort of "return to style" if you will. Pattern+Grid World focuses more on Steve and his machines this time around and how he first began making music. Less jazzy, less space opera-ey, more beat-driven, more drums-focused and more FLYING LOTUS!

Now tell me: what's good?

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  1. Jah says:

    Link doesn't work, this one does:

  2. koven66 says:

    please re post ,Jah's link won't work either

  3. Logan says:

    try this it worked for me

  4. koven66 says:

    thanks Logan, my Flying Lotus is complete now

  5. chaitd says:

    thanks for the link Logan

    this blog seems sweet. i came here after hearing zachary german mention it on his shitty youth radio show

  6. coco says:

    could someone reupload the file? :]

  7. Yes, please re-upload! Looks like link was pretty much always broken.

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