Moon Wiring Club - An Audience Of Art Deco Eyes (2007)

this is one really fucking awesome album which combines a lot of great elements to make something as unique and concrete as this. this is similar to dem hunger(other way aroudn actually) in the fact that it utilizes beats predominately throughout the music; but if i were to describe it as anything, i would say psychedelic space horror-hop. really good music, give it a fair listen.

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  1. Wow, thanx you, This is really really good and surreal

  2. AD says:

    I'm a fan of hauntology, thank you for the upload! Can you please see if you can post "Shoes Off And Chairs Away?"

  3. Lindsay says:

    this sounds awesome but I'd like to sample some tracks
    can you make that happen please?

  4. hey do you think you could do me a favor and reup this album?

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