Coleman Hawkins - Body and Soul (1996)

The weather's getting cooler, the days are getting shorter... 'Body and Soul' will keep you cozy.

This is a collection of tracks Hawkins and company recorded between 1939 and 1956, recently remastered and released. It contains easily my favorite jazz recording of all time - the album's namesake, on track four - which is accompanied by eighteen other irresistible tracks, featuring the tenor saxophone prodigy at his best. I can only describe every song as warm, soothing, reassuring; the perfect remedy to a bad morning, the settled ending to a long day.

But don't interpret this description to mean banal... the colorful melodies, harmonies, well-considered dynamics and arrangements are enough to peak the interest of any music enthusiast.

Jazz fan or no jazz fan, listen up.

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  1. Rob says:

    I must say, this album consists of many consistent beats that just flow through the mind easy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    fuck yes this is just the kind of 'generic jazz' that i've been looking for thank you i love this album and you

  3. Thanks,great music!Looking forward to more jazz releases!

  4. Paul says:

    This album did everything I needed it to post-break up. Thank you.

  5. Pierre says:

    Thanks for this. A great moment with great musicians.

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