Kitsunegari -Alles Gute Zum Geburstag oder Herzlichen Gluckenwunsch (2010)

kitsunegari is (kind of) a 'supergroup' in the context of the underground music scene of new zealand. members from bandicoot, people people, fatangryman and probably some other bands i don't know collaborate to make stuff influenced by
"Slint, Boris, Smashing Pumpkins and “a bit of Mastodon and Devo"" -
it's really good and you should probably just go download it, they have 70 something plays on and this came out yesterday so you'll look hip as fuck as well as listening to sweet ass choons. the label it's released on, muzai, is really good for anyone who likes this stuff to check out too, they do a great job of bringing underground new zealand bands to attention, i would go so far as to describe it as the new flying nun in that regard. give it a look, there's free stuff, i think, i might be lying.

edit - jesus christ i'm terrible with formatting and fonts and shit on blogger, sorry

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  1. puxel says:

    It's all right.
    It also gave me new album to upload to in a couple formats.


  2. Olivar says:

    cheers bennis
    saw these guys the other night cuz thats how hip i am

  3. ill! says:

    what the fuck is a New Zealand, and how can i make it stop?

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