Olga Neuwirth - Lost Highway (2007)

this is an opera by Olga Neuwirth based on David Lynch's cult masterpiece (?) Lost Highway. she's only written 2 operas so far, but has already established herself as the most innovative music theater composer since... Philip Glass, i guess. i mean you've gotta be doing some crazy shit to tangle with David Lynch, and she throws the kitchen sink at the libretto - a live ensemble, samplers, synths, cd players, live electronics, basically anything that can make a noise. but whatever, it's surprisingly easy to follow the story and this piece is just an incredibly entertaining sensory overload (originally mixed in 5.1). check track 11 - it's seriously jaw-dropping, and like nothing i've heard before.

basically, if you've ever considered watching a Lynch flick, then this is probably right in your wheelhouse. highly recommended.


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  1. Joe says:

    Thank you so much, this is awesome.

    Have you heard any of Thomas Adès' music? His two operas, Powder Her Face and The Tempest, are both worth exploring.

  2. ill! says:

    i like Ades, mostly. PHF is very good, i'll check out the Tempest. he'll be conducting at the LA Phil again in April and doing a PHF piano suite (and Stravinsky's LES NOCES). should be rad

  3. UncleDiss says:

    This sounds friggin' fantastic... Thanks for the effort!

  4. Moshi says:

    Don't ever think I've enjoyed any opera before but I'll give this a shot.

    (Sure, Pavarotti is impressive, but not very melodic)

  5. ill! says:

    hope it was worth the shot.

    Pavarotti isn't melodic? not sure what you mean

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