Nedry - Condors (2010)

Some amazing new electronic post-rock from the UK, with occasional female vocals. They are about to go on tour with 65daysofstatic and Loops Haunt. Their sound might be somewhere in the middle of those two projects, but with added vocals. The heavily programmed beats, intricate electronics, guitars and floating melodies, are also reminiscent of Bjork's Homogenic, but with a colder, post-rock edge. Well worth some of your time and hard earned Money. Recommended. (*.mp4)

RIYL: Bjork, Worm Is Green, Lali Puna

We're More Than Just Friends...We're In Love.

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  1. psw says:

    Please post in MP3 format. Anybody can use MP3s without jumping through hoops, not so true of M4A or other codecs.

  2. sorry about that, .. i'll stick to mp3's or otherwise specify they are mp4's from now on, ..

  3. please please please use rapidshare not megaupload...

    sharing 1 IP address with about 300 other people so I can never download. Bad times.

  4. and by rapidshare i mean mediafire...

    definitely the best one to use.

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