Ginny Arnell - Meet Ginny Arnell (1963)

google is deleting music blogs dawgs, we might disappear soon. if that happens go to our group we'll figure out what's next over there. or follow us on twitter, i'll tweet you should go to the group if anything bad happens. now enjoy some sweet old chicago pop (pop week is over this is a coincidence).


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  1. edit says:

    link's missing. and that SUCKS! hopefully google doesn't notice you guys. definitely subscribing on twitter. this blog is my life.

  2. Jarrod says:

    This is what you get for posting Lily Allen dawg.

  3. jc says:

    i was once 13 and close-minded too jarrod, you'll 'get it' someday.

  4. Hugh says:

    I think Jarrod was referring to her being pro "three strikes out" policy when it comes to music sharing. Not her musical "Talent" if that's what you wish to call it jc.

    As for the blog? I will be very upset if it does go down, You guys have been great. So Thank you.

  5. jc says:

    i'm pretty sure he meant both actually.

    all the pop albums i posted are 'dangerous' to the blog for being mainstream i guess, but all of them are european so maybe the RIAA won't bitch about us? i don't really get how those faggots work.

    WHO KNOWS? let's just hope we make it to our second anniversary.

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