The Dodos Mix by Phitts

So I've been listening to The Dodos a lot recently and wanted to post one of their albums, but there are songs on each of them that I wanted to share. Thus was born a mix of my favorite songs from their three albums; some of them I kept in the same kind of order, some I moved around, but all of them are good and show different sides of these fine young fellows' work. A good amount of you probably have this stuff, so just comment on the band or something while those who don't check them out. Great, catchy, and very percussively oriented acoustic rock full of lamenting and occasionally raucous vocals.

Vaguely sounds like: Good Old War with more muscle and melancholy

Time to listen.

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  1. marcus says:

    One of my favorite bands. Beware of the maniacs and visiter are absolute masterpieces! Time to die is alright, but was dissapointing compared with how great visiter was.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And now you force me to download all the albums to keep my music collection clean. Damn my anal retentiveness.

  3. i am so happy you put some dodos on here.
    super fucking good.

  4. Phitts says:

    Time to Die let me down at first, but then it grew on me a lot. As someone who tries to keep consistent tags I had thought about that Steve, but I just wanted to try this out, and their albums are all worth checking out anyway. Might wanna take some oxy-incontinent for that anus...

  5. this is soooo good thank u!

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