Le Stelle di Mario Schifano - Dedicato a... (1967)

since jc had his pop week, i figured i'd have a not-so-known psychedelic/progressive/etc rock from the 60s and 70s week myself. to kick things off, this is one of the best gems from music that was lost in time. a mix of progressive and psychedelic rock, it was one of the earliest experiments which resonate as part of some of the building blocks of in the court of the crimson king. in italian however, emotion never lacks in the vocals and some of the songs tend to explore other genres in unexpected approaches at the time. quite the oddity, so give it a listen and judge for yourself. the first half of the album(one song) is pretty much the centerpiece, with the rest of the songs following a more general style of 60s rock.

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  1. jc says:

    theme posting is the new black

  2. ribs says:

    I like the theme idea! I'll contribute my own as well

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