Bike For Three! - More Heart Than Brains (2009)

Where to start, where to start. Firstly, this shit is the offspring of Buck 65 and Greetings From Tuskan if you didn't already look at the album cover. Bike For Three! is the nitty gritty, it is eloquent, it is everything in between. The beats are dank as fuck (real talk son!) and Buck 65 spits some lyrics that will make you want to slap your girlfriend (but don't you dare do it). I can't say much for his voice but the way he puts them words together is damn near flawless. Some tracks are geared more for intellectualism whereas some tracks (namely track 12) exist for the sole purpose of knocking all the Earth's emcees. Overall the album is pretty fuckin' awesome, so get it.

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  1. pitckfork gave it a 7.5 what do you think about that

  2. who gives a fuck about pitchfork?

  3. lol, i know there reviews are real wrong sometimes

  4. definitely the best thing buck has done in a while.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love Buck 65, loving this album

  6. Leaff says:

    I always think you guys post more than you do because your twitter relays the stuff twice.

  7. @Leaff: yeah, that started happening on its own sometime, I'm not sure what twitterfeed did to the settings after their site redesign

  8. Hugh says:
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  9. Hugh says:

    Amazing, I would say this is the best hip-hop album I've ever heard.
    I would describe it as "What The Flashbulb would sound like if he became a hip-hop artist"
    Great upload.

    (Fixed grammar)

  10. nattymari says:

    MC SPACE is a cover of an MC Shan track. Decent cover too, but the original is an actual masterwork.

    In my older age I've lost my taste for backpackery - but Buck is a little better than most. I'll give this one another listen or two.

  11. wow, this album is the best rap albm i have ever heard, it just make sme want to burn copies for everybody and introduce it to peoples ears!

  12. Marcus says:

    please check out anything from doomtree if you enjoy this. i.e.: P.O.S., Mike Mictlan & Lazerbeak, Paper Tiger, etc. Hand Over Fist could be my favorite hip-hop album of 2009.

  13. Anonymous says:

    From the home of Buck 65 -- thank you!

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