Happyland - Welcome to Happyland (1998)

My contribution to pop week. Back in the 90s, two band members from fairly popular Australian bands, Janet from Spiderbait and Quan from Regurgitator, started bumping uglies. Since they couldn't spend all day in bed they decided to form a group together, and this is the result. Both the band and relationship didn't last more than a year but they did leave us with a Pretty Good album. About half of it is sickeningly happy pop music and the other half is experimental electronic stuff. Listening to it again I definitely get a Zoobombs vibe with maybe a bit of Los Campesinos! as well. Theme from Happyland might just be the best pop song ever. Get it if you like any of the bands I just mentioned.

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  1. Never heard of this, very nice, thanks for posting!

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