Google Shuts Down Dozens Of Popular Music Blogs

Fuck yeah for being under the radar (at least this wave). Just to celebrate being too bad to shut down, here are two quick uploads:

The Apples In Stereo - Tone Soul Evolution (1997)
Elephant Six psychopop band best known for being awesome, also for that song about the Powerpuff Girls. Fuck your Pitchfork indie classics, this band is older than Pitchfork.

Tickley Feather - Tickley Feather (2008)
Bipolar housewife and mother (ILF) of two gets signed by Ariel Pink to Animal Collective's label, sounds like Grouper working with cheap synths and samples of childlren's voices.

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  1. jc says:

    lol "too bad"

    i think we're still here because we have almost no RIAA shit.

    keep posting as usual, maybe we won't get deleted anytime soon.

  2. Tropolist says:

    I just made a holding blog called LEGITIMATE BUSINESS. Worst case scenario they'll never think to look for us there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    migrate to a non-google blog site!

  4. we should move to tumblr

  5. Emma says:
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  6. Emma says:

    wonderful album...please download if you don't have it already.

  7. You got some good shit here. Love it man.

  8. BAD BLOG says:
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  9. BAD BLOG says:

    Hey everybody, that Tickley Feather record is still very much in print. if anyone would like a copy of the LP, please go here:

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