Frank Turner - Love Ire and Song (2008)

Ex-frontman of band Million Dead (check them out, bitch) Frank Turner is a one man folk band with his acoustic guitar. He sings about life and its hardships, its brilliance, and the stuff that love is made of. He is amazingly talented. I think that when you listen to this, you'll draw some sort of inspiration for whatever it is that you hope to do in your life from the music. It's just that kind of music. The songs are very positive, uplifting messages, with a really catchy acoustic guitar behind them. I consider this to be a crucial album for anyone who enjoys acoustic folk.

Get this shit, motherfucker.
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  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for posting this -- this is fantastic! From the description, I wasn't sure I would like it. Glad I took a chance.

  2. Nhihgare says:

    Folk music...really? I'd say its more like country pop, in being that it's horrible.

  3. Amanda says:

    Wow. I don't get "country" from it, AT ALL. And I grew up in the South; I know country when I hear it.

  4. d says: definitely not country pop. the man's british, for christ's sake. i heard this album before it was posted here, and i recommend it. my favorite song is "substitute."

  5. Nhihgare I fear I must remind you of the definition of a hater. Half man, half BITCH.

  6. Nhihgare says:

    Haha, I love it. "Please leave a comment", just as long as you totally agree with the bullshit I post on here. I gave an opinion and your little feelings got hurt. I just figured the blog that brought us a pop week would be used to some criticism.

  7. Disregarding the miniscule impact that your opinion has on me/this blog/anything, several other people corrected your blunder. And here you are again, having already expressed your distaste for the post, you try to cover up your failure by adopting an "internet tough-guy" ego sort of approach. Hopefully, the irony of the situation does not escape you. In the case that you are indeed that dimwitted (which I wouldn't rule out), you're the one checking on comments you posted on a blog you evidently dislike- consequently you are butthurt. Also, suck my dick.

  8. Aldrenean says:

    Really, really good. Fuck haters.

  9. briEn says:

    Never heard of him but i'll check it out. thanks.

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