Kepler - Fuck Fight Fail (2000)

Kepler was an excellent slow-core band from Ottawa that eventually disbanded in 2006. Some members have gone on to form a new Toronto based band called Tusks. Kepler make predominantly quiet, sleepy indie rock, with slow picked guitars, drums, and plain vocals. This might sound boring to some, but it's the perfect album for when you want something quiet to listen to.. it is just so well done that it overcomes some of the genres stereotypes, with a couple of the songs approaching louder post-rock moments. The band also features Jeremy Gara(drummer) from the Arcade Fire, on guitar.

Fuck Fight Fail is a calm, dark, and haunting record, which becomes strangely uplifting ...A lot of the songs remind me of the couple of quieter Mogwai songs that have vocals, like Cody and Secret Pint. A beautiful record from beginning to end.

RIYL: Codeine, Bedhead, Mogwai

God Bless You & Your Talent.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I had lost this album. I remember seeing this band a number of times.

    Them, Kubelka and Okara. Great stuff.

  2. marcus says:

    This is really great. It reminds me of Sharks Keep Moving, which I wish never broke up.

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