Future Sound of London-From the Archives Vol.1-3 (2009)

A collection of unreleased & B-Side tracks compiled by the band, from the late 80's to the late 90's. These are all 3 volumes that are available, as far as I'm aware.

In the early 90's this group changed my outlook on electronic music. They've since decided to move onto more live, jam-band type of stuff that I don't really care for, but they remain one of my favorite groups of all time. In any case, if you are a fan of FSOL or electronic music in any form then you will surely appreciate this

You can purchase these albums (or others) from the bands own website, but beware as it's a clusterfuck of bad design and seizure inducing flashing images...Band Website

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

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  1. nme says:

    ! C:\Users\Alex\Desktop\FSOL-From The Archives Vol.1.zip: CRC failed in FSOL-From The Archives Vol.1\12 Hazey Day Girl.mp3. The file is corrupt

  2. ribs says:

    nope, works fine. your download is corrupt...

  3. I had the same problem with the same file.

  4. zmg says:

    Same file gave me problems here too using winrar. Anybody besides ribs able to open it?

    Otherwise great tunes on a great blog, thanks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    vol 1 track 12 works fine for me too.

    According to Wikipedia, there are actually 5 volumes "From the Archives" available...

  6. ribs says:

    here's a link to that track:

    I saw that there were 2 more volumes, but I haven't found them yet (not even on their own site)

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