Vanessa Van Basten - Psygnosis (2009)

posting the description from because it's pretty accurate: "Two years after the critically acclaimed La Stanza di Swedenborg Vanessa Van Basten returns with two brand new epic tracks collected on this beautiful EP, which was written by all band members.

This Italian heavy postrock ensemble don't constrict themselves to the laws of The Great Postrock Bible. In stead they blend in psychedelica, ambient influences, metal and shoegaze to result in a unique musical experience.
Dreamlike and cinematographic sounds collide with heavy and dark sonic assaults: the music is incredibly crafted and reveals more of its intrinsic beauty everytime it is played."

merry x-mas yall, except to the jews. happy thursday for you.

PS. again, if you like this let me know, i have their album too.

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  1. Aldrenean says:

    This looks good and I'm gonna get it, but first, La Dispute is offering all of their incidental stuff for name-your-price.

    This is Here, Hear 1-3 (3 being the new one,) an untitled 7" and a holiday CD.

  2. Michael says:

    I like this. Wouldn't mind the whole album!

  3. jc says:

    this is a new EP, their album was released in 2006. but yeah i think i'll post it next week.

  4. Druhgz says:

    do you have their old EP from 2005? I'd really appreciate it if you can track it down. thanks for the upload

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