Telepathe - Farewell Forrest EP (2005)

another old telepathe EP, very similar to the previous one i posted maybe a bit more psychedelic.

PS. i usually wouldn't do this but i'm tired of looking: does anyone have a passthepopcorn invite they can share with me? i read invites are disabled right now, i hope that's not true. if they are i'll wait, just let me know you're giving me one. or you could give me give your old account ;D. click on my blogger profile for my e-mail if you're feeling generous...

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  1. I have a Pass the Popcorn account but no invites. You're not missing much. Very slim selection of movies, bad quality often, and a stupid high ratio requirement. Not worth it really. Public trackers work just as well for movies.

  2. jc says:

    thing is demonoid and mininova are gone and the pirate bay is getting worse every day, the rest are pretty shitty.

    i guess i could get most of it from forums and mu links but shit like the criterion freeleech going on right now is just too good bro. i want in.

  3. Aldrenean says:

    I've been using vertor, it's alright. I still check demonoid weekly... :(

  4. ( ~д~) says:

    PTP is plenty decent, i'll be glad to invite you in like a month when i have enough bonus points if i remember

  5. ( ~д~) says:

    also its mad easy to maintain a ratio

  6. puxel says:

    used to have an account, but the ratio is hard to keep.

    decent-new alternative:

  7. jc says:

    i need a new invite for the alternative bro.

  8. puxel says:

    signups are free, but whatever nig.

    invite sent to:

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