Sufjan Stevens - The BQE (2009)

So I meant to post this ages ago, before it came out actually, because I had uploaded it for a friend. I just remembered it now, so here you go.

The BQE is a tribute to/exploration of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. It is intended to be a multimedia sort of experience, having been performed live by an orchestra with an accompanying video in November. Those looking for the normal Sufjan Stevens experience, with banjo, acoustic guitar, and quirky instruments overlaid with his soft singing, will quite possibly be disappointed with The BQE. This is more of an orchestral/symphonic piece from which Stevens has tried to remove most of his musical and narrative conventions. Sufjan is quoted as saying that he "intended to create a non-personal, non-narrative piece," trying "to reduce my own personal investment as much as possible."


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  1. Matt says:

    Thank you sir, I have been meaning to get this for a long time.

  2. Shermaine says:

    Grabbing this, thanks so much :)

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