V/A - Ragga Jungle Dubs (2007)

From Greensleeves website:

Back in mid 90's, Jungle music was the order of the day, and Greensleeves released 2 sets of 'Ragga Jungle' volumes 1 and 2 which both sold by the trailer load. The scene then spiraled off into what became known as Drum and Bass, and has gone through many changes and sub-genres over the years. Now with a revived interest in Jungle music, in particular Ragga Jungle, the renaissance has sparked a new generation of fans and the return of many old school fans and producers alike. The Junglists have welcomed the return of dubby sub bass and ragga vocals have gradually regained favour, no doubt helped by the recent crossover of Dancehall music.

At first Jungle music was exclusively a UK phenomenon bridging reggae/dancehall and the rave scene - a result of the British black youth's take on the burgening dance music scene - but soon broke out and eventually crossed the atlantic and eventually conquered the world.

So here we present a collection of unreleased cuts and dub versions of some of those big tunes from "back in the day", with vocals from artists like Barrington Levy, Beenie Man, Ninjaman, Johnny Osbourne, Admiral Bailey, Josey Wales and Ini Kamoze, and with remixes by the Junglist massive including Ridley Don, DJ Monk, Sensi Crew, Reel II Reel and New Blood Crew.

Many of these cuts were only ever released on limited 12" & are very rare cuts that have never left the Greensleeves vault, until now.

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