Shmu - Discipline Communication (2009)

"My new album is called Discipline/Communication and it can best be described as a blend psychedelic pop and shoegaze with tinges of glitch, minimalism and folk rock." whoa. i had a deja vu after copypasting that. awesome. anyways. that's shmu, part of austin's zorch. his description is pretty accurate so get downloading. note: his link, not mine.

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  1. Great Blog!

    Hey, I need your help. I used to read your blog and a long time ago you uploaded a video where a lot of girls were kissing in a party (kinda) and then every girl finished making out with the others. Can you tell me the name of the band and/or video? I would appreciate it so much!

    This is a fucking great blog, by the way.

  2. I want to know the name of that video also

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  4. jc says:

    yeah simian mobile disco - hustler

    lol weird, i posted that video like 2 years ago on another blog haha

  5. Anonymous says:

    this music is good

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