Dublab Presents... In The Loop (2004-2006)

Ok so I was a little hesitant about posting these since dublab is a non-profit internet radio station and they are the fucking best at what they do, getting only the most amazing musicians on this planet to record sessions in their studios and they also have the most amazing shows where they only play the most amazing music (with an extremely wide array of genres) so posting this stuff would be like taking what few little money they make. They've released 5 volumes and in the meantime I'll only post the first 3 since they were all released between 2004-2006 so I don't think they're still making any money off of them. All three are more into the electronic side of music but there are still hints of folk in a few of them (one of them being a remixed folk song, amazing remix too).

If you like these vinyls please go over to dublab.com and check out all the recorded sessions they have archived by a whole bunch of artists and all their recorded shows too. Check out their podcast as well since there's even more recorded sessions in there (including that absolutely mind melting session Flying Lotus did for their Future Roots Radio show on some real radio station). If possible, donate any spare cash you have lying around for their "proton drive", their bi-annual funds gathering event to keep the station running. It's well worth it and you even get a sticker and their 10th year anniversary poster :)


PS: I promised I'd upload one of the Jewelled Antler Library albums per day, sorry I haven't posted them but I've been hella busy with school, but in a couple of weeks I'll be free so don't sweat it :)

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    So um maybe I'm blind, but where's the download link?

  4. David says:

    Terrific compilations. One is exceedingly pleased.

    Thanks a bunch

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    Haha, hey man, my apologies. I m one of the people that downloaded these awesome albums but omitted to leave a comment. So here you go. Keep up the good work, your blog is awesome! Now, fuck you too :-)

  6. Was the download line removed?

  7. yes it was removed due to people being disgusting leeches. I usually don't mind if there are none/barely any comments but this was a "special" share from me so yeah it kinda pissed me off. If you're somehow smart enough you can find the link on another website related to me.

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    that's pretty fucking gay nic.

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    Aw hey, put the link back :( Please?

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    Hey really appreciate the music, you consistently put up the hits. keep up the good work

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    these are awesome! thanks sooo much really topnotch shit here whooohooo

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