Enemy Logic - Bones As Armour (2009)

Requested upload. Dan Corgi of Enema Logic describes this as "Melodic Death Metal", which misses the point of Death Metal if you ask me. But this is their debut album, Bores as Armour, in high quality MP3 and full of angst over having sexy accents. What they lack in aesthetic taste they make up for in flawless production. I mean really, a distressed typeface? What is this, 2004? Their whole website looks like promotional material for Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Come on guys, like seriously. Check the album out though, support artists supporting themselves.

Download this and comment.

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  1. spf says:
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  2. spf says:

    Superior Drummer (or EZ or Addicted or whatever) and sloppy guitars..? No.

    But most of the stuff is really really (really) great! Thanks for all the other albums WFLM!

  3. spf says:

    most of the other stuff that is...

  4. Dan says:

    Lamb of God meets Black Dahlia Murder meets boring.

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