The Famous Boat Party - Silvery Branches

obscure psych folk/freak folk/let's jangle and bang rhythmic instruments while we sing and strum or guitars over an ocean of reverb album, apparently now part of Porter Records "The Jeweled Antler Library" 4CD box set with 12 albums from other bands. good stuff

fuck physics

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tnemmoc a evael

PS: I found the other 11 albums so I'll be posting one per day :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    looks good, i'll take it

  2. Anonymous says:

  3. Wil says:

    Psych Folk? Fuck yeah!

  4. this is good!
    Posting the other 11 albums soon?

  5. proddette says:

    the band name listed is incorrect, it's The Famous Boating Party. The .rar also has the folders listed as The Floating Boat Party, so for those who are as ocd as I am about this stuff I figured I'd let you know. :3

  6. StarCoreA says:

    Been meaning to check this out for a while. Thanks a lot for the link.

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