Geneva Jacuzzi - Kooze Control (2008)

geneva jacuzzi is a new weird america electro alt girl making lo-fi music with poor equipment and self-releasing shit on cd-r's while she's involved in another 50 projects (most of them with ariel pink). the internet also says she's an "audio and visual artist". she's kind of hot. i find her very hot tho cause she makes music. says her music is "quasi-occult mystery, flippant wit and quizzical torch, enshrined in the unsuspecting and jazzy veneer of sundry electronic music styles that range from darkwave goth-lounge to tropicalia" which means she's ok but people like to think she's better than she actually is. people into lo-fi music will appreciate this, the rest will hate it and think it's "pretty shitty". you're warned.

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