Melt-Banana - Melt-Banana Lite LIVE: Ver 0.0 (2009)

description from the place i got this: "Unique 2009 live release from the Japanese Noise makers. These days, Melt-Banana performs some of their shows under the name Melt-Banana Lite, and this album is a live recording of the new configuration. Melt-Banana Lite is not the usual Melt-Banana: there are drums and vocals, but no guitars! Instead, the six string things have been replaced by samplers and synths!"

this is fucking crazy and amazing. if you've seen melt-banana live you know how it is. now imagine that with crazy bizarre synths instead of agata's insane guitar playing. get ready to get your mind blown.

i <3 melt-banana!

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    Yeah, it doesn't

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