My Bloody Valentine - This is Your Bloody Valentine (1985)

i've never been a big MBV fan. i enjoy a lot of shoegaze but i just never got that into them, sure i like loveless like everyone else but i don't think it's as great as everyone thinks it is so when i read about this EP (yeah 24 years later, again, i've never been a big fan) i decided to check it out and i loved it. this is a completely different MBV, this is a goth rock band. their sound is cold, dark and gloomy. post-punk influences through the whole EP and a tiny tiny hint of shoegaze in one or two songs. i told a friend i liked this EP better than anything i've heard from them before and he said "oh how controversial" so yeah, it might seem that way but "i'm just being honest" [via andre3000]. i'm sure a lot of you already have this and dismissed it/loved it years ago, but for those who've never listened to it, do it now. fan or not. this EP is great.

PS. this was ripped from the 1990 reissue by dossier records.

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  1. Now I have 3 My Bloody Valentine albums/eps in my collection and they all sound completely different.

  2. when are they coming out with their new album? it's been forever

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