Sleigh Bells - Demo (2009)

fuck i love this. it's like chaos royale meets telepathe or some shit. not much more to say but GET IT NOW.

PS. the dude was in poison the well before this hahaha

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  1. i really like sleigh bells, but i think i have most of their songs already, can you tell me if i do jc? i got infinity guitars, crown on the ground, ring ring, a/b machines, beach girls and the lil wayne mashup, what am i missing?

  2. jc says:

    just holly and 2HELLWU.

    i'll post their EP tomorrow, it has those two songs and slightly different versions of the songs on this demo

  3. this music makes me very happy.. thx

  4. 나다가 says:

    The link is invalid. Please reupload files!

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