Why? - Eskimo Snow (2009)

Earrrly leak of the new Why? album. Haven't had a chance to listen yet, but Alopecia was one of my favourites from last year, and these tracks were recorded at the same time, so should be good shit.
download Re-upped, and on mediafire rather than RS. Also, upon listening to it, it is really good, more songy and soft and less hip-hoppy, but still totally badass.

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  1. pepe says:

    this is down, please fix , i NEED this,

  2. pepe says:

    Thank you Mr. Rosamond,

  3. che says:

    ben rosamond


    ben rosamond from australia or new zealand maybe?

    it's 6:24AM and i've been trying to find somewhere to re-download this album periodically for the past few hours...have a new computer...this is megan boyle...gonna give up and buy again i think

    2009 ben rosamond blast from the past

    hi, if you ever see this

  4. che says:

    damn didn't know you contributed to wefuckinglovemusic

    i can't remember how i know about wefuckinglovemusic or for how long i've known about it

    (i'm talking to ben)

    hi-ho, megan boyle still here

    pictured continuously commenting on this thread in this manner until it becomes like 600k words long

    would happen really slowly, like over the course of 40 years

    bookmarking this page, maybe will do this

    probably not

    shit now it seems unavoidable

    as i was writing that it seemed 'highly avoidable'

    okay signing off for now,

    hi again, ben (do you remember me? can't remember if we've ever talked or emailed, i just know who you are, maybe from the BSG short story contest thing...maybe we were just commenting on things around the same time...)

    okay signing off for now,


  5. che says:

    ben, i remembered i've read a gchat between you and zachary german that involved me in a funny way for a few lines

    haven't said anything about this album yet: i like this album a lot

    2009 jesus...yeah that makes sense, that's when i first heard it

    probably my second favorite why? album...'alopecia' first favorite...

    this one has five of my favorite songs by them on it though ('this blackest purse,' 'into the shadows of my embrace,' 'against me,' 'these hands,' 'january twenty something')

    i know the titles from looking at my phone, i just have those five songs from this album on my phone, i can't remember other songs (which is why i wanted to download)

    the full album was on my old computer

    i lied about buying it, almost positive i downloaded for free

    afraid to sync my phone with this computer due to...i don't know

    if i sync my phone with this computer my old stuff will be gone forever

    considering the spectrum of things that could happen to a person, 'losing my phone's old stuff' would not be that bad

    actually it'd probably be good

    have been hearing vacuum noises coming from somewhere in my building since maybe a little before i wrote my first comment

    it's 6:46AM on a friday, why is anyone vacuuming right now

    never understood how 'vacuum' is one of the most commonly misspelled words

    in my head it sounds like 'vac-que-oom,' the 'que' and 'oo' transition easily/sensibly into 'u' and 'u'

    the noise seems to be coming from above and to the left...opposite side of the hall as me...opposite/above...

    they didn't have e-cigarettes in 2009

    the person who invented e-cigarettes had yet to make their millions

    i feel like my entire...everything i've done since 2009 has disappointed ryan manning

    i associate you (ben) with ryan manning

    same period of my life

    i like ryan manning

    he sent me an email recently that said 'what happened to you,' confirming my suspicions of disappointing him

    he could've just been being friendly though

    tried to think 'he's probably just being friendly' as i wrote response

    feel like he will probably read this and...i don't know

    i do seem pretty bad now

    not too well-off

    used to think something life-altering would happen to me when i turned [every age i'm about to turn]

    currently sort of hoping no one reads this

    or someone reads it and thinks 'who is this crazy person, she does not seem too well-off'

    'well-off' feels strange to type, what does it mean exactly

    sounds like it could've originated in australia or new zealand, like you, ben

    it would be funny if you're not the ben rosamond who i think you are

    is this...am i harrassing? 100% good intentions, just want to take a break from the other stuff i was writing

    guessing 'well-off' means 'someone has left something, they are now 'off' that thing. since they've been 'off' mostly good things have been happening to them'

    mostly good things have not been happening to me since i've left the things i've left

    that sounds dramatic

    think i'm just getting older

    pretty sure my younger self knew getting older meant there would be less choices for me to have made

    feels different to be living in a world of less choices/already-made choices

    wonder what you are doing right now ben rosamond

    'rosamond' sounds like 'a mound of roses'

    pretty thirsty at the moment

    sitting at a table

    it says this is too long to post as one comment but i wrote it as one big thing

    guess i’ll split it up

    okay signing off for now,


  6. che says:

    it usually says 'tomhanks' when i comment on things but i don't feel like signing into the email i registered my old blog with

    that email is beckdoestherobot@aol.com

    i used an aol.com email address for a long time

    the first email on my yahoo account is from january 8, 2007

    it's a picture of a 'pizza-billed platypus' from my best friend at the time

    the second email is a myspace account confirmation from august 21, 2007

    then there aren't emails until october 2007

    how is that possible

    in october 2007 i signed up for nanowrimo

    then there are mostly nanowrimo emails

    at 11:58PM january 5, 2008 i registered with dominos.com

    at 12:03AM january 6, 2008 i ordered this pizza: 1 Large(14") Hand Tossed Pizza, Whole: Cheese, Extra Sauce, Green Peppers, Onions, Bacon, Jalapeno Peppers, Left: Extra Large Pepperoni, Extra Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Extra Diced Tomatoes, Right: Italian Sausage $10.99

    that was one hell of a day

    one hell of a five minutes

    the pizza was delivered to my best friend at the time's dorm

    we would order as many toppings as possible

    i was a 'strictly cheese' woman before we were close

    sometimes on saturdays my dad would bring home pizza and half of it would be topped with mushrooms and onions

    for a brief period i thought mushrooms and onions were the most popular pizza topping

    pepperoni was like, 'something that happens on people's birthdays, might be due to dietary restrictions'
    it says this is too long again

    okay signing off for now,


  7. che says:

    people are talking in the hallway now

    vacuum is still going

    i used to say 'i'm sorry' when i meant 'i see that something i've done has upset you and i wish you weren't upset,' now i say it when i mean 'i also dislike what i did and don't want to do it anymore'

    i was exaggerating about 'not too well-off,' was trying to be funny

    feel mostly okay about things that've happened to me

    not sure what i'm referring to anymore

    forgot what this website was called for a moment, thought 'weheartourblogspot'

    think i'm imagining the vacuum thing, going to try turning off the faucet

    turned it off, i was right

    my cat likes to drink water from the bathtub faucet so i turn it on sometimes

    i can't believe...all this time...not a vacuum...damn

    learning new things every day

    was getting pretty irritated at that vacuum person


    do you know the jay-z where he says 'i'm not a businessman, i'm a business, man'

    for awhile i tried to make something like that work but with 'vacuum and' and 'acumen' (not necessarily in that order)

    i don't remember the song other than that line

    it's possible i just know it from people quoting it

    should i stop feeding my cats 'fancy feast'

    they act like they like it but i'm pretty sure it's poisonous

    my best friend's ex-boyfriend calls her dog 'the imp of the perverse'

    the dog is a tiny chihuahua that vibrates almost constantly

    its face is extremely expressive

    i think 'the imp of the perverse' originated from an idea that the dog is the by-product of all the misery in the world, like technically its parents are all the pain and suffering in the world, that's why it is the way it is

    it's funny if you see the dog


    this might be strictly 'seeing the dog'-based humor

    mild background fixation on if and how i'm disappointing ryan manning

    wanted to do this partially out of a desire to not disappoint him

    realistically i don't think he or anyone but maybe my parents thinks about/interacts with me enough that their experiences could be disappointing compared to their expectations

    no not true, i don't know

    getting a little carried away with this comment

    it's going to be 86 degrees today

    at the end of the day i will have eaten or not eaten a certain number of oranges but right now it's anyone's game

    potentially five oranges could be eaten, i have five and don't foresee wanting more

    smart money is on 'one orange will be eaten today'

    anyone's game though...anyone's...

    at this point...

    almost afraid to stop doing this, what will i do after this

    okay signing off for now,


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