Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna (2008)

get if you like: telepathe, holy fuck, health.

talking about health- i saw a picture of them last night for the first time and god i wish i hadn't, they look like fucking faggot hipsters. anyways, here is gang gang dance's saint dymphna and yada yada yada i said i would post it so here it is. nice album.


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  1. Bit late buddeh, and none of those bands really sound like GGD.

  2. jc says:

    "get it if you like"



    also, posted because it wasn't on the blog, read the fucking posts before making dumb comments

  3. Why so defensive?
    When you recommend a band under "get if you like" its usually inferred that the bands sound somewhat similar. Sure Telepathe sounds remotely like them, but a noise rock band? (if you'd call HEALTH that). And on the topic of making dumb comments half the contemporary bands that you post would match the description of "fucking faggot hipsters".

  4. jc says:

    ts usually inferred that the bands sound somewhat similar

    no, it's inferred you'll like it if you like the bands mentioned.

    faggot hipster.

  5. Tropolist says:

    I give this discussion a 4/10.

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