Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm (2004)

Moody and atmospheric post-metal, with some heavy sludge-influenced moments. Considered the forefathers of post-metal. Highly recommended.

download part 1
download part 2

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  1. sorry for the two downloads, mediafire's 100mb limit got in the way

  2. Twitch?! says:

    I don't get it: using winRAR, part one and two extract as identical folders, but when I open the RARs uncompressed, part two contains only tracks six through eight.

    Are they automatically extracting together? 'Cause that would be neat.

  3. Yeah they extract together to one folder. The 2 .rars basically split the folder into two parts.

  4. Aldrenean says:

    Wow, this is really, really good. Thanks for the up. Also, if they're quoting The Dark Is Rising Sequence with the album title, extra props.

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