By the End of Tonight - Solo EP Set (2006)

By the End of Tonight is an amazingly enjoyable instrumental band. In 2006 they released a four-part EP set of solo efforts by each of their (ex-)members, and it's about damn time I posted them here.

Stefan Mach, one of the group's founders and guitarists, starts the set with The Gunslinger EP. Fast, hard guitar jumping between different styles, programmed drums, and some electronic interludes.

A completely different style than anything under the BtEoT name, My Mom Caught Me... is an EP filled with glitchy sounds, brief moments of guitar, and a great ambient track, from James Templeton, the seriously talented bassist. His other solo act is damn good too.

My favorite of the EPs and the most original, He's Home With Bones... is all over the place. Noise, manic screams, spirited drums, electronic, snippets of different styles of music, and confusing lyrics (if you can make out any of the words). In the absolutely badass drummer Jeff Wilson's own words, just an EP of "nasty sounds."

The final and most melodic of the bunch, The Imaginary EP is mostly in the style of ex-guitarist-for-the-band Josh Smith's own solo material, The Ghost Machine. Acoustic and electric guitar, mostly electronic beats, and quite simply just a collection of pleasing sounds.

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  1. Aldrenean says:

    Why would you be so cruel as to put a four-part download on Rapidshare? Now I have to wait like 30 minutes between each one. :(

  2. Puxel says:

    All BTEOT EPs in 1 mediafire

  3. Phitts says:

    Pretty nice link, Puxel. I don't know what bit rate that is, but the links I upped are all 320.

  4. Puxel says:
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