Bathyscaphe - -11034m (2004)

Ummmmm, where to begin. Right. Well, it's like this. I'm sitting in a chair. I'm plucking the very string of existence from which I manifest. Thoughts akin to a pinball. I'm sweating my balls off. I open up my library in foobar. I begin browsing through every single artist in my library, in hope that I should find something to beckon my addled mind into a state of stability. A band named Bathyscaphe catches my eye. I think to myself, "0h, there's a presentable album." Recognizing the name from previous musical enterprises I ruminate upon what the band sounds like. Eventually I say fuck it, and send it to the current playlist. What I heard was more or less in line with that of which was committed to memory when I had first discovered this band (imagine that!). And it's not bad. So here I am, posting this album. Here is a brief description from It's kind of a shitty description...but I can't be bothered.

Bathyscaphe are part of the new breed of post-rock band atmospheric instrumentalists like Godspeed You Black Emperor !, Tortoise and Set Fire To Flames, promoting a musical aesthetic that focuses more on actual performance than cute programming tricks.

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