The Weeknd - House Of Balloons (2011)

i'm sure most of the WFLM readership probably picked this up in April when the hype was reaching ridiculous proportions, but with the follow-up's delay it remains, irregardless, the undisputed afterparty record of the summer. Toronto r&b replete with 808 drum samples, silky synths, skittering snares, and 90s vocal stylings; Sontag naive camp, so earnest that every listen indebts it to you a little bit more, a Jodeci-like album that makes you want to curl up with a girl (put in work!) and spend a sweaty night macking on a grimy, sandy couch. tracks 2, 3 (esp. after the beat swap), 6, and 7 are favourites, but The Morning (track 4) has been a go-to late night mixtape cut for the past couple of months and the perfect soundtrack for wrapping up the last few sunsplashed nights of August. bonfire that shit, you know you want to.

my niggas stay tight, got my back like Pippen

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  1. Murphey says:

    goddammit. Good post though.

  2. ill! says:

    would you hate me more or less if i said i did it on purpose?

  3. A definite WFLM staple.

  4. Best of 2011 so far to me

  5. COLONY says:

    Hello. Colony is a sound project from Italy. Free download. Enjoy.
    Thank you.

  6. Sartino says:

    his new one "Thursday" came out yesterday. you can go to The Weeknds official web site and download it for is every bit as good as "House of Balloons." thank you for turning me on to this artist.i believe i will stay a long time fan :)

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