Four Tet - Locked (2011)

Four Tet is releasing a Fabric Live mix this September. For those of you in the know, this a pretty big deal. It's a big deal because regular artists will usually spend a good two days on a mix before sending something in. Most mixes nowadays are extremely predictable and habitually done sort of last-minute. Four Tet went to the extra mile here by including three brand new unreleased tracks as well as several hidden gems from like-minded musicians, including some fantastic self-recorded transitions/interludes. Furthermore, Four Tet personally ripped every single track for the upcoming FabricLive.59 mix from vinyl to give it a sort of organic-feel. Many people will never know the difference but for WFLM people, this means a world of difference. Enjoy this cinematic-sounding 8:31 epic wooze of a track.

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  1. Ryan says:

    appreciate the find big time, but all that shop talk for 128kbps! maybe that's all that they dropped though until the full mix is reelased?

    anyway, spanks!

  2. technozem says:

    Great track, great blog! Thanks, this one is bookmarked.


  3. sounds like he's ripping off oriental music

    the cunt.

  4. great post though don't get me wrong, i'm hyping the music now

  5. tea says:

    although we're delighted you love the music, we would be grateful if you could remove this illegal rip from the site. the track is available to stream on his soundcloud here

  6. Im so sick of Fourtet coming out with one to three track releases.

    Thanks for this anyways.

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