Nujabes - Hydeout Productions 1st Collection (2003)

On February 26, 2010, 39-year old Japanese DJ and hip-hop producer Nujabes (Jun Seba) was involved in an automobile accident. He passed away. Hydeout Productions 1st Collection is considered Nujabes' debut as an artist. He is also responsible for the music in the hit anime television series, Samurai Champloo. Known for his heavy use of jazz sounds and various Herbie Hancock samples, Luv(sic) Part 2 (track#14) is, without a doubt, a staple of the Nujabes sound.

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  1. I fucking love you blog man!

  2. Fantastic! Thanks a million for this!

  3. maiqk says:

    Awesome songs! Always loved Samurai Champloo music.

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