The Samps - The Samps EP (2010)

When a group of friends get together to make a record they both love, you get something like The Samps' The Samps EPtrue story. The Samps is the side-project of "sometimes-guitarist for Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti" Cole M. Grief-Neill and friend(s?) Crazy cover art; crazy-good EP. Layering samples upon samples upon samples, The Samps manage to create a sound that doesn't sound sampled at all; rather, you get funk-tastic tracks like Peppergood and FXNC but the true highlight, the this-is-so-good-you-need-to-download-this-album-right-now-because-of-this-song track is Yellow Jacket. Sounds like "music from another planet," or something. Crazy. Oh and Samps actually stands for something: South African Metaphysical Society. Neat.


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  1. kurt says:

    normally you got ur ass in gear, love ur funk, but not this time, thanx but no thanx

  2. Charlie says:

    fuck yeah this fucking rules

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