Fire Spoken by the Buffalo - Hiatus (2011)

the first time i heard about this band was on, the forums to be specific. i thought not much of it, except they had a fancy name - so i did what i had to - listen to it. despite the name seeming like some sort of platitude about weirdness(which it is not, it's rlly cool guise), this was an exiting post-rock band. "but dantelop, post rock is dead!" no it's not, as FSbtB demonstrate in their two ambitious albums. unfortunately, the band has gone lp2 and begun an actual hiatus; but fear not, as they have reassured me that they will maybe reincarnate in something cooler. enjoy bros.

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  1. mouse says:

    lol i am good friends with all of them, and did a lot of their designs. Great to see them gettin recognized out here lol :p

  2. Ugh...I had a lot of respect for this blog up until this entry. Not for the music, but for one single word. One terribly blasphemous word..."bros". Everything written before that word, every other post, had fantastic literary flow and even greater word usage. But that single, solitary, derogatory word has ruined it for me. "Bro" has gone from a surfer word for "friend" or "fellow surfer" to the bastardized meaning that the internet has spawned. It seems as though the users of the word are trying to be as unintelligent as possible, well they're succeeding. Every time that goddamned word is uttered, my skin crawls and my blood instantly boils. And yes, to all you fucking trolls out there, yes I AM mad, bro. I'm mad that it's not cool to use one's intellect. I'm mad that society has fallen so far and only seems to be digging even farther with the creation of such atrocious words. Please, for the sake of humanity, put an end to the use of "bro", because we're all too fucking stupid as it stands.

  3. dantelop says:

    Perhaps it seems that you have been a bit overexposed to the internet; that is unless you are in some sort of academic setting on a frequent enough basis to encounter the people who choose to make pleas of false cynicism by doing ironic things. seriously though, i don't see a problem in using it here, as it should not entitle you such a huge generalization of the entire society as a whole. i suppose you don't understand the concept of entropy of adumbration i.e. the desensitization of words' meaning through repeated usage is unfamiliar with you. let this word have an organic end and you shall suffer no more.

  4. Guillaume says:

    I tend to agree with Nathan Ocean, Dantelop. Also, is this lower-case only style absolutely necessary? It is harder to read you know, and you do respect your readers I am sure. Keep up the good work! - One of your "brethren".

  5. I am fully aware of using a word in excess and in ironic or sarcastic manors to lessen the harshness of said word. This is not what I'm talking about at all.

    It's more of a matter of misuse and deconstruction of words, making words that I had no qualms with into words I despise. Internet is not the only exposure I've had with this particular word. I hear it on almost a daily basis. Granted that probably is due to my location, college town filled with jocks and other stereotyped-to-death, closet queer, homophobic (except when drunk), trash talking, smug as shit idiots that refer to each other as "bro." Pardon me, Dantelop, for having passionate hatred for stupidity.

    Any adverseness to my argument is completely irrational and ignorant. I refuse to merely accept such an atrocity. So if you, sir, ever call a stranger "bro" and he retorts with a "fuck you!", we shall have met one another.

  6. ill! says:

    i bet you're great fun at parties

  7. Seeing as how I don't party with morons, yes I can be quite fun at parties. I don't bring up shit like this in social situations. There is no need.

    This, however, is an internet forum. Where people are supposed to be able to display their formed opinions. I know this must be a difficult thing for you to fathom, but people interact differently in person than they do on the internet. Welcome to one of the many fantastic exploits of the human experience.

    I will admit that, looking back on what I've said, I may have been a tad overzealous. But that's the emotion I wanted to convey, overzealous disgust.

  8. Nathan Ocean, I see you trollin bro. Be cool man, no one cares if you respect this blog or not.

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