SpaceghostPurrp - Blackland Radix 66.6 (1991) (2011)

one of those releases where the cover does all the describing for you. Miami hip-hop cut with a dose of Gravediggaz horrorcore and early 90s low-budget basement beats. don't let the Mortal Kombat samples and juvenile pussy/posse tracks ("Suck a Dick for 2011," "Like a Strippah," "Grind on Me," "Stoner Gang!") fool you, there's some intelligent sequencing to be found here ("Been Fweago," "Legend of the East Pyramids"). if you're looking for overtly misogynistic screwed&chopped/witchy/southern/808 shit, and who isn't, then look no further than SpaceghostPurrp.

i got yo bitch on my dick, bitch

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