Robyn - Body Talk (2010)

This is far from anything I would ever usually listen to, but a friend of mine laid the unusually addicting video for Call Your Girlfriend on me, which spanked my interest. This chick has some surprisingly good electronic dance pop. That's right, the same one from the 90s, but she delightfully turned out to be kind of a weirdo. She goes a few different places on this record though. Fembot starts it off and sets the tone with a serious dance beat and its playful melodic cheekiness and crisply delivered vocals. She churns out some dance floor anthems with Dancing On My Own (sure to exhaust a number of harshly rejected womyn) , Indestructible and Love Kills (which both feature a Tron: Legacy-like undergroove, but have completely contradictory themes), Hang With Me, and most of the uddas. Dancehall Queen is one of the biggest standouts, with its nice shiny reggae vibe, and quality vocal. There's a Snoop Dogg cameo in the aggressive U Should Know Better for those of you into that kind of thing, and you should listen up to the libretto of We Dance to the Beat.

Link taken down. Check it out anyway if you want.

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  1. Guillaume says:

    This is a bit bland; some tracks are enjoyable nonetheless.

    In a similar vein I like Annie much more.. Annie's got more punch and nicer hooks, she's more 'bouncy' - on her better tracks at least. Scandinavians have always had fine touch for electro pop it seems.

    Thanks, you've got one of the better blogs around.

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